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Open for Commissions until I say otherwise, or everyone included me, forgets about it. Message me if y'all are interested. "I typically draw character based illustrations with simple backgrounds. Fanart, monsters, etc. Keep it Civil. "If you have any questions, talk with me. "I have final say on taking commissions.". Commissions are open. Posted on Wednesday, 20 July 2022. COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! :D. Financially, things had been kind of difficult around my house since the place where my mom used to work closed, we picked a cat up from the street and adopted him (his name is shrimp) and we have had many MANY bills to pay so in order to help my family i´m. Artist Opportunities, Art Commissions, Art Prizes and Art Residencies for Artists. Isendyouthis creates Websites for Artists and show Art work in our online Art Gallery ... National Open Art Competition - London. Visual Art Contest Axis Mundi. Competition deadline 20/10/2022. Murielle Mobengo - International. Get commissioned by any of our 1000s of verified artists or join for feedback,events,social,tutorials in this art server | 86,220 members.
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